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Reunion Policy

About this policy

Each Reunion event is expensive to run – the prior Reunion totalled a four figure sum – all of this is paid for by the purchase of tickets, the donation of money and the provision  free or discounted services by your classmates.

This is not designed to spoil your fun or dampen your excitement, it is to ensure that as the Class of 1987 gets the best value from the organised Reunion events.

Ticketed Events

  1. To attend a ticketed event, a ticket is required which can either be purchased online or from a member of the Committee during the course of the evening.
  2. Former teachers do not require a ticket

Reunion Guest Registration

  1. Circumstances may require that you need to bring a partner to a Reunion either due to distance travelled, or perhaps a prior peer of the Barton Cross Class of 1987 may wish to attend.
  2. Please register your guest by Contacting Us – places will be on a first-come-first-served basis and guests may also be asked to make a contribution towards costs or purchase a full priced ticket.
  3. Carers must also be registered with us and may be exempt from any guest fee – please Contact Us with the details and advise if you require any special arrangements.
  4. Guest places will be limited to one guest per attendee and overall guest numbers will have to be limited to a percentage of the expected attendees.
  5. As sponsor of a guest you will be responsible for their conduct during their time at the event. Approval for a guest is at the discretion of the organisers and will be provided in writing.
  6. Unregistered individuals will be asked to leave by the event organiser, with the possibility that the associated attendees will also be removed and also barred from future Reunions.
  7. Attendees to the 6th Form, Lower 1988, and Upper 1989 do not need to register – they are considered for all intents and purposes part of the Barton Cross Class of 1987.
  8. Former tutors need not register.


If you have a comment or feedback about this Policy please Contact Us.