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Facebook Policy

About this policy

This is designed to help us all get the best from our Barton Cross Class of 1987 Facebook Group. Use of the group is subject to adhering to this policy.

Key Points

  1. The normal Facebook terms of service do apply, and here is a brief outline of the key points to remember.
  2. Please moderate your language – Facebook is accessed from work computers and corporate internet filters will detect profanity possibly leading to disciplinary action or dismissal for one of our group members.
  3. Don’t libel or slander – you’ll risk the reputation of the Barton Cross Class of Class 1987 and you will risk a civil action. Although the group is ‘Closed’ this does not afford anonymity or security from prosecution.
  4. Some pupils were less fortunate than others, either in circumstance, wealth, or ability. Please be respectful of others at all times.
  5. Disruptive members may have messages/photographs deleted, or members may be permanently banned from the group.
  6. Members outside of our peer-group may be added in the short-term to assist with event planning or for other reason.
  7. If you have a complaint about a message or a photograph which you feel needs our attention then please Contact Us and we will review – if in our opinion further action is required then we will deal with the issue (your anonymity is assured).


If you have a comment or feedback about this Policy please Contact Us.